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About Us

The Stage Media (TSM) is Liberia's first fact-checking media institution with the overarching vision of mitigating misinformation and disinformation.

Since its establishment in 2020, The Stage Media – Liberia has collaborated and nurtured partnerships that espoused the values of tackling misinformation and disinformation while bringing to light untold stories of survivors of (abuse or civil war) and ensuring that the powerful and elites are held accountable.

We check the statements of politicians, economists, Businesspersons, public figures, the media, and viral content on social networks and classify them from “true” to “false” according to their consistency with the facts and data to which they refer.

We also produce explanations to put in context and provide data on various issues on the public agenda and we carry out journalistic investigations on key and little-discussed issues.

TSM is also involved in investigative and human-interest stories with a specific focus on anti-corruption in the security and justice sector. Also, it documents existing practices and norms that seek to obscure accountability for the powerful.

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