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Is the Facebook page ‘Office of the Presidential Aide of the Republic of Liberia’ fake?

Screenshot of the Page

Full Text: Terrence T.C. Woods is the presidential aide to Liberia’s president, Joseph Boakai. He earned a BA in sociology and public administration from the African Methodist Episcopal University (2015–2019), where he served as the President of the 20th Graduate Class/Student Governing Council.

Before now, Woods served as an administrative assistant in the office of President Boakai when he served as vice president of the Republic.

A week ago, Jemiama Thucydides, famously known as LowBudget posted a screenshot of a post made by the page “Office of the Presidential Aide of the Republic of Liberia,” with claims as found here

“Hehehehe the book people in power imagine this dumb pekin da carry 9credits 3semesters ago in AMEU and failed all was appointed as President Special aide while Byron Byron them get master but jobless.”

LowBudget currently works in the office of Fonati Kofa, the 55th National Legislature speaker. She also serves as chair of the Peace and Security Council at the African Youth Diplomacy Forum (AYDF).  

Charles Sirleaf, a former acting governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) and son of former president Ellen-Johnson-Sirleaf, passed away in Ghana.

From 2004 to 2020, the deceased served as acting governor and deputy governor under three different presidents. Since news about his death, a lot of people have been sending condolence messages to his family.

Verification: We checked the page ownership and whether Jemiama claimed Woods did not meet the school’s requirements when he graduated. 

We first verified the image on Woods’s official social media handle and what was posted by Jemiama was the same, but we found no page with the above name as posted. 

And there is no post on the Woods page expressing condolences to former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf over her son’s death, Charles Sirleaf. 

Woods’ last post was made on May 27, 2024, when he sent out birthday greetings to two of his friends.

Woods denied being the owner of the Facebook page in question. He said he did not know the purported page that carries a condolence message to the former President, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, for the loss of her son, Charles Sirleaf, thereby warming members of the public to be on alert.

“This fake page or account must be the work of an extremely poor composer of the English language, as it is laden with severely broken English and not representative of my earned education level as a college graduate who served the student body as President at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU). Woods said, “The piece betrays itself by its wretchedness in grammar and composition.  I am, therefore, advising all to ignore and disregard it, relegating it into the trash bin.”

Additionally, we used an online tool to determine who posted the deleted post and found that there was no page whose name was posted by Jemiama carrying Woods’s picture. However, we found this page with little or no information

Conclusion: There is no evidence to establish that the page belongs to Terrence Woods, as posted by Jemiama. 



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