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A major supporter of the TSM is the Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development [CJID], which seeks to strengthen verification, investigative, and data-driven journalism in Liberia.

Since 2020, TSM has also received other partnerships and grants from:

Africa Check: Train Journalists in Liberia and Civil Society Organizations in Fact-Checking and election reporting

Jam-Lab Africa: to participate in a six-month hothouse accelerator initiative for journalism and media innovators to provide teams with the necessary tools, contacts, and support to help us realize our ideas and ambitions.

Dataphyte Nigeria: To enable journalists in Liberia to understand data and visualization

Cardinal Partners: 2023 election project aimed at building the capacity of media in Liberia, rigorous fact-checking of election-related information, and using research to identify misinformation trends before, during, and after Liberia’s 2023 elections.

Though we are open about our funding support, it is fair to say that none of our funders or partners influence our judgments and editorial decisions.

TSM is not financially affiliated with any person, political party, or state actor. However, TSM has collaborated with non-state organizations, institutions, and actors to address information disorders over the years.