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Correction Protocol

To avoid possible errors, the Stage Media (Liberia) articles are subject to observations and corrections by the entire editorial team before publication. However, as factual errors or omissions can sometimes be beyond our control, we have provided a protocol to correct our review articles.

The correction of our articles can start with the observation of a team member or the reader’s reaction. With this in mind, we have planned on our site a space through which our readers can send us their responses if necessary.

As signatories to the IFCN code of principles, you may independently report any breach to the IFCN without our previous approval. We hope, however, that we will continue to be your first point of contact so that any necessary changes can be made immediately.

Correction procedure and steps:

In the event of an error, our readers can notify us through our email address: [email protected], or use the tab called “an article to us” on the Stage Media website. In this tab, we ask our readers to put the message’s name, email address, and subject. We suggest you specify the title if it is a correction or precision to an article.

-Once a reader reports an error in one of our articles, the technical team is responsible for acknowledging receipt of their message

-The technical team, in turn, shares the message with the editorial team

-The editorial team is responsible for re-reading the article concerned by the observation, considering the observations, and re-contact the author of the message if necessary

-If, after verifications, the editorial team realizes that an error has indeed been made in the article, it instructs the technical team to pin the article “in progress” with precision on the content concerned by this correction

-Once the correction is applied, the article is pinned “Updated” with precision on the corrected content.

Claims Processing

Please feel free to contact our team if you think a fact-check needs to be corrected.
Here is a link to our corrections policy (link) or send us a Whatspp message to +231 77 593 7658

But we don’t deal with grievances:

On the basis of threats against our teams.
If bad faith is manifest, by categorically refusing to recognize the facts.

We also avoid dealing with claims submitted in exchange for any form of advantage, whether monetary or not.

To date, TSM has processed one appeal. It was an article about the Maryland Senator. In an initial investigation, TSM relied on three independent sources: IREDD, National Democratic Institute and lawmaker watch All these sources show that he served for less than 16 years but our Fact-check published 12 years which was incorrect.

We immediate contacted two sources specifically former lawmakers who confirmed that the senator served two years in the National Transitional Government of Liberia that amount to 14 years and not 12 as we previously reported.