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In keeping with organizational best practices, the Advisory Board developed a Constitution and By-laws to govern their deliberations particularly in clarifying the types of decisions that the Board can make in the management of the institution. The By-laws will specifically deal with clearly outlining the roles of Board members while at the same time providing a framework

for monitoring the performance of all members of the Board and meeting up with ethical standards and behaviors.

As a functional organ of the institution, the Board continues to provide shared leadership to the organization in delivering its mandate by communicating the vision, mission, and priorities of TSM to the staff and other stakeholders and remaining faithful to its core mandate, and respect applicable national laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Under the directive of the Board and through the Co-partners, the institution successfully has several policies on Personnel and Recruitment, Financial procedures, Risk Management, Procurement and Assets Management, Corruption, Organizational Sustainability Plan, etc. A Gender Policy is formulated.

The Board will continue to provide leadership to the organization to ensure that programs are aligned and consistent with its strategic direction; assist the management in raising funds for the organization from donors, corporate bodies, or other sources; work with the management team to identify risks and strategize in taking measures to mitigate the identified risks.

The Board will continue to approve TSM’s annual budgets and commissions yearly financial and assets audits. It will also monitor the performance of the organization against projections in the strategic and annual plans.

The board is supported by the editorial team who are drawn from the media and have proven strong ethical backgrounds.

Name of the Board Members:

Malcolm W. Joseph- Chairman

Patmelia Paivey- Secretary

Titus Tokpah- Member

LadyMai Hunter- Summons- Member

Harold Aidoo- Member