Claim: A  WhatsApp message claims that students to receive Free laptops  2022. 

Beware the claim is a SCAM to
trap Social Media Users to spread Misleading Content. 

Full Text

message stated that Students are to receive Free Laptops Support 2022 when this form is completed and share to seven WhatsApp groups.


The Applications for the Students Laptop Scheme 2022 Is Available

This scheme is open to all students who for financial reasons are not in a position to purchase a laptop of their own and are in need of laptop in their level of education Students that can apply.. 

It further emphasized that all nationalities are eligible to apply for the helping laptop support scheme.

The scheme states that 300,000 students received laptop in 2021 and in 2022 Over 800,000 students will be given free laptop to enhance their learning this month 

“Application has began  and students that have applied have started getting their laptops ONLY STUDENTS CAN APPLY Register and apply here

According to research  by Techno Guide and Electronic Cost Helper, the average cost of purchasing a laptop is  around $700-1000.



First, The Stage Media  examined the WhatsApp Message dubbed “Free
Laptop for Students,” and observed that it uses a flag of India, Pakistan and South Africa.” 

The google reverse image search linked the  photo to Free Laptop Scheme 2020 and Free laptop scholarship scheme GJ Allied free laptop scheme free laptop for school college students – YouTube.

Verifying further Scam Doc analysis of the Laptop scheme graded the website 8 percent- warning, only for experienced users!

Under its Free Laptop Scheme, it states clearly that students in all categories can benefit from the opportunities vary for each degree programme and the procedure for benefitting from it is that application
when completed, the link should be shared to 7 WhatsApp groups to enable one to get the laptop.


Reverse Image search and Scam Doc analysis reveals that this is not the first time such scam has been done, in 2020 in India  such was done .

With this, It is safe to conclude that the message is a intended to trap Social Media Users to continuously share Misleading Content. 

Beware it is a SCAM, there is no Free Laptop Scheme.


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