Claim: MTN is rewarding Old SIM with free 10GB of Data if your MTN SIM CARD is up to a year or above

Verdict: False; MTN is not rewarding Old Sim with Free Data

Full Text:  A website purporting to promote Free Data for MTN users is a HOAX.

The website imitates the branding of MTN. It says MTN rewards Old SIM with free 10GB of Data if an MTN SIM CARD is up to a year or above.

According to the message, users are to tap on three links to enable them to activate the 10 GB free.

When you tap on the link, applicants are asked to fill out a form capturing information such as “Are you an MTN Customer, How Old is your MTN Sim Card, and How many MTN sim cards do you have?”

When a user clicks on the “Are you an MTN Customer” button, a notification prompts the applicant to complete the questions to qualify.

Once the questionnaire is completed, a new page containing a message informing the user that they have been approved for MTN Free Data.

“Congratulations! Through your answer, you are eligible to Get Free MTN 10 GB data for your old MTN sim Card.”

“How to get it:

  1. Share with five groups/20 friends via Whatsapp(Click the “WhatsApp” icon below)
  2. Click “ADD MOBILE NO” to add your MTN old number and get your Free Data.”

The next step after sharing via WhatsApp is a request at the bottom of the page stating, “Share until the blue bar is Full.”

The WhatsApp message shared contains a link to the dubious website and a message encouraging people to click on it to apply for the Free MTN data on the links.

Verification: There is no information about the giveaway on the legitimate website of MTN, its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Additionally, the domain name of the website is The legitimate domain name the

The WHOIS information of the impostor website shows that it was created on July 31, 2000, and was updated on July 29, 2022

On the other hand, the WHOIS information shows that the legitimate website was updated on September 2, 2020.

Conclusion: The Stage Media has examined the website purporting as MTN; rewarding an Old SIM with free 10GB of Data in its name is a Scam, Beware!


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