Claim: Boakai is now purchasing a 1 million USD home at Boys Town Junction and furnishing it for 1.1 million USD.

Verdict: Misleading, the home is owned by former Unity Party chair Amin Modad, who said the home is for his family and is not on sale.

Full Text: Former Montserrado District 8 lawmaker Acarous Gray, through a Facebook post, claimed that president-elect Joseph Boakai has purchased a US$1 million home on the Roberts International Airport highway.

According to him, US$ 1.1 million is also being used to furnish the newly purchased home by Boakai.

“Where are the UP moralists? Boakai is renovating his Rehab home for 500k USD. He is now purchasing a 1m USD home at Boys Town Junction and furnishing it for 1.1 million USD. His son now rides a $100,000 USD car. This is troubling guys. Happy Sunday

The post attracted 2.8K comments, 161 shares, and 1.1K reactions. Other related posts are seen here and here.

Gray re-contested the district in the 2023 presidential and legislative elections and was defeated by Prince Toles.

Verification: We contacted Gray but he has yet to respond to our inquiry. If he does, we will update this article.

In Gray’s post, a commenter claimed that the house posted was for Modad, a claim  Gray did not deny.

Gray justified that the home is not owned by Modad but  Boakai had purchased it and was about to relocate from his Duport Road residence to this home.

A reversed image search done on the image posted by Gray unveiled a 2020 post done by a blog named Shine Liberia.

The Stage Media contacted Modad, who confirmed that it is his home but denied that it is on sale.

“Yes, it is my house. I did not sell it when the CDC government was suppressing and targeting me; why would I sell it now?” said Modad.

Even though Modad said the home was not for sale, we questioned if the president-elect was moving into it. But again, Modad said, “The president-elect has a beautiful home that he has lived in for decades. “This is my family’s home; why would he leave his and possibly the Executive Mansion and move into mine?”

Conclusion: Gray’s post about Boakai purchasing and remodeling a house is misleading because it is owned by former Unity Party chairman Amin Modad.


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