Claim: National Elections Commission 

Source: WhatsApp groups

Verdict: False 

Full text: Liberians will go to the polls this October 10 to elect a president, 72 representatives and 15 senators.

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has the responsibility to ensure that there is a free, fair, and transparent election.

A viral WhatsApp chat on Thursday made several rounds with a claim that the NEC is hiring ad-hoc staff.

Though the claim did not say which year it is safe to say that the claim is specific to October’s 2023 election which is almost 4- months away.


The claim is requesting Interested Applicants to click the lo apply.

The information reached the TSM check desk requesting for it to be verified. 

Verification: The Stage Media contacted Mr. Henry Flomo, Communication Director of the National Elections Commission.

Flomo debunked the information stating that the NEC is not in the know of any such application and is not recruiting ad hoc staff for the pending election.

A few minutes after we reached the communication office, the Commission took to its official Facebook page to address the situation. 

“Urgent Public Service Announcement 

There is a Fake Account, with a LINK at the bottom, purporting that the NEC is presently carrying out the recruitment of ad hoc staff for the elections. This is fake and misleading. Please do not respond to it or click on the link!!!”

 We further checked the link and found it’s

fake, the domain name is hiding and was created in less than six months.

Conclusion: False, the National Elections Commission is not recruiting ad hoc staff for the 2023 election, beware.


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