Messi in 'Divork Origi' Shirt

Claim: “Can anyone see wat is writing in Messi shirt? Divork Origi do de finishing, Assisted by Arnold”

Full Text: Since the announcement of the departure of Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona, ​​several internet users have fun posting that the Argentine star has signed with several teams, namely Arsenal, Liverpool etc, but his arrival in Paris, France, social media users, specifically Liverpool supporters have circulated an image of Messi wearing a shirt of Divork Origi with inscription “Corner taken quickly. Liverpool 4- 0 Barcelona, 07-03-2019- champions league. Beware of this satire.

Lionel Messi could not renew with FC Barcelona and has signed a two-year with the French club Paris Saint-Germain.

Verification: Reversed image search, Yandex, Tineye and Google image used for verification established that the image was a retouched work and the photo used in this post is a montage made with the aim of showing that Lionel Messi wore a shirt with Divork Origi written front.

In the photo, we see the Argentine star holding a red object in one hand, while the other is on a rope.

In the original photo, Messi is holding an object but not as red as in the retouched image while there is a man at his back with a phone in his hand.

The real shirt of Messi is written- l C l C’ EST- Paris, the photo was taken August 10, 2021, the day he landed in Paris.

Radio France International (RFI) published an article with the original image with the caption Lionel Messi hailed fans at Le Bourget airport near Paris after arriving from Barcelona to sign a contract with Paris Saint-Germain. REUTERS – YVES HERMAN.

HCA Barbieri News carried a similar story with the original picture on August 10, 2021.

Yandex, Tineye and Bing found no image but Google image reverse led us to RFI and HCA Barbieri news.

Conclusion: The image with Messi wearing an Origi shirt, the Liverpool star is fake. At the same time, Liverpool did not beat Barcelona 4-0 on 07-03-2019. The 4-0 result was 8-6-16 in the international champion cup.

Though both teams clashed on 5-7-19, the result was 4-3 in the champions league and not 4-0 as seen on the shirt.


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