Claim:  “I will wish that the story about Dr. Nah refusal to touch little Nathan until his family provides four pounds of blood which is sold at JFK for L$3,500.00 isn’t true. I wish that the information about Lil Nathan not receiving medical attention from 12.00 pm until 10.45 pm is also isn’t true. I wish that a man we celebrated a while ago for his achievement as Liberia’s first brain surgeon and who took an oath to save lives didn’t allow a little boy to die last night. I wish this story isn’t true. Lord, how I wish this isn’t true.”

We contacted  Dr. Nah: “I read this and I was taken aback …..we practically provided 4 units of blood for this patient. The brain CT scan was done for free.  We did everything to save his life. Well, it’s sad ….that the individual wrongly carrying this information.

Verdict: Debatable

TSM expect a full interview with Dr. Nah and family members of the deceased



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