The Stage Media (TSM) record shows that Fubbi Franklin Armah Henries attended events along with Paulita Wie prior to the 2019 Montserado By-Elections.
There is no evidence SO FAR that he (Fubbi) campaigned against Abe Darius Dillon and Telia Urey, both candidates of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).
Henries is contesting on the same ticketĀ  (CPP) but he faces the hurdles of support from Montserrado Senator Dillon on grounds that Fubbi campaigned against him (Dillon) and Ms. Urey in separate campaigns.
Rating: The fact is Untenable because TSM cannot outrightly confirm or deny if Fubbi supported candidates of the ruling parties.
But Evidence showed that he criticized Senator Dillon for accepting a vehicle from the Legislature upon his ascendency.
Picture credit: Paulita Wie Brezhnev David Paasewe and Fubbi Franklin Armah Henries
These pictures were taken between (2015- 2016)


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