Claim: The last time Ghanaian actor Van Vicker got an award for acting was in 2016 (NEA). 

Source:  Martin Kollie

Verdict: True, the last time Ghanaian Actor Van Vicker won an acting award was in 2016.

Full Text: Joseph Van Vicker was recently seen in Liberia’s Capital, Monrovia, in Coalition for Democratic (CDC) party regalia, parading with the party’s executives during the September 7, 2023, campaign launch of the ruling establishment.

Since that parade, his action has been praised by CDC supporters but he was criticized by supporters of the Unity Party (UP) and other social media users.

One of Unity Party’s supporters, Martin Kollie, posted on his Facebook page on September 7, 2023, to say if Vicker’s is that popular to win Liberian voters to CDC. 

Kollie said the last time Ghanaian actor Vicker got an award for acting was in 2016 (NEA).

“Van cannot even influence 5 first-time voters in Liberia. George Weah, if you like, bring Dwayne Johnson. You are a one-term president,” the post said.

The post has already generated 234 reactions, 127 comments, and 25 shares as of the time of the check.

On August 1, 2023, actor  Vicker, popularly known as Vicker, turned 46 years old. The son of a Dutch father and a Ghanaian/Liberian mother is a well-known Ghanaian actor.

The actor’s father tragically went away when he was just six years old. He serves as the CEO of Sky + Orange, a company that produces movies.

Vicker was nominated for the 2018 Africa Movie Academy Awards for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Upcoming Actor.’

He acted in a few movies including the President’s Daughter as Raj 2006 – Darkness of Sorrow as CK (Charles) 2006 – Mummy’s Daughter 2006 – The Return of Beyonce as Raj and 2007 – American Boy as “Nelly,” which earned him a name for himself.

He has been nominated for and won awards from Africa to the Caribbean. He was awarded from 2009 to 2016 as seen below.

Vicker was also nominated from 2008-2026 for different awards as seen below.

Conclusion: Based on our search, it is true that the last time actor Van Vicker won an award for his acting career was in 2016.

This story was produced with the Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development’s (CJID) support.


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