Claim: President Weah brought customized iPhone 14 pro max for Miss Liberia, the two runner-ups and three winners of Miss Climate Change 2023.

Source: The Liberian Influence

Verdict: It is partly true that Weah brought this iPhone 14pro max for the six winners of the two different shows (miss Liberia and miss climate change), respectively.

Full Text: According to one of the winners of the 2022 Miss Climate Change 2022, Folecia Hassana Dagher says, President Weah, gifted each of the three winners a golden customized iPhone 14 pro max, the same gift Messi spent £175,000 for his Country teammates. 

In another claim, the same was done for the three Miss Liberia 2022 beauty pageant winners.   

A Custom iPhone 14 Pro smartphone designed by Caviar is now available for pre-order, from around US$10,000 to US$25,000. 

While the former features the most-expensive option of all – US$25,700 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1 TB storage and nine diamonds – the latter not only comes with working hourglasses and mechanical watches but also sports rock fragments that originated from the moon (lunar meteorite), Mars, the Tsarev meteorite, and the Chelyabinsk meteorite.

The post by Liberian Influence received 144 comments, 144 responses, and eight shares. 

Verification: To verify the claim, TSM-Liberia contacted Smith Toby, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, who read our WhatsApp messages and didn’t respond.

When he responds, we will update this article. 

We checked Ms. Verolyn Vonleh and Miss Liberia’s social media accounts to confirm the claim’s truthfulness, but we found nothing.                                                             

We also contacted Dagher, the 2nd princess of Climate Change, who operates the Instagram account with the user name__ms-white.

We discovered a post on her status and newsfeed in which she praised the President for delivering his promises by purchasing an iPhone 14 pro-Max for all three winners of Miss Climate Change. 

“President George Weah, my talk and do president,” Folecia said. As promised, President Weah ordered customized iPhone 14 Pro Max models for each of the three Miss Climate Change Liberia contest winners. I’m grateful, sir. 

Conclusion: While the Presidential spokesperson remains mute on the claim, TSM established that Weah purchased golden iPhone 14 pro max for all six winners: Miss Veralyn Vonleh(Rivercess) – WINNER, Miss Kindness Wilson (Grand Gedeh) – 1st Runner-up, and Miss Joicet Jartu Fodey (Cape Mount) – 2nd Runner-up of the Miss Liberia 2022 beauty pageant and Ms. Korkor Surprise Chie, Ms. Mariam Dolley and Ms. Folecia H. Dargher of Miss Climate Change 2022 pageantry respectively.

Joyce Wea,[email protected]


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