Claims: Acarous wants to burn down UL because he’s mad at the UL administration for making the entrance exam hard. The man scored a hat trick + 2 in failing.

Verdict: Unconfirmed  

Full text: Montserrado County District no. 8 lawmaker Acarous Moses Gray visited the Capitol Bypass Campus of the University of Liberia to have lunch.

On his official Facebook page, the lawmaker said, “Come and enjoy lunch with me by 12:30 pm tomorrow at the University of Liberia Campus on Capitol Hill. We will also have a meet and greet with our students and constituents during our peaceful gathering. We have no intention to cause disruption or engage those who disagree with us. 

Note: I, General Acarous Moses Tallahkai Tombekai Gray, will be there yah.”

The March 13, 2023 gathering, which should have been peaceful, turned out the opposite.

There was stones-throwing and total disorder when members of the Student Unification Party( SUP) attempted to prevent him from having the “lunch.

Gray insisted on providing a point and went on the campus with men with built bodies.

The Monday scene saw bloodshed among students grouping through the presence of two elected officials representing two districts in Montserrado County (Representatives Acarous Moses Gray of District Eight and Yekeh Kolubah of District 10).

Gray wanted to prove that he could not be booed like Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, former Solicitor General Cllr Seriana Cephus, and Finance Minister Samuel Tweah’s aid Aloyious Howard who all escaped the scene when SUP members ran them from the UL campus. 

Since the lawmaker’s forceful return to the University of Liberia campus,  he has received criticism from some members of the Liberian legislature, ordinary citizens, and political parties.

Liberty Party Public Relations officer Daniel Sando posted on social media about what happened on March 13 on the campus of the University of Liberia.

Sando posted on his official Facebook page.

Representative Gray wants to burn down the University because he is mad at the UL administration for making the entrance exam hard. Sando insinuated in his post that Representative Gray failed hat trick + 2 in failing (five times).

Verification: The Stage Media reached out to Gray and Sando to establish if the lawmaker sat the UL entrance five times and had failed all.

Representative Gray responded via SMS: “Sorry, but I don’t respond to a kid with an empty skull.”

In his response to our inquiry, Sando said, “This is no gossip that Gray failed the law school entrance five times.” 

Norris Tweah, Vice President, University Relations, told TSM that the University could not give out people’s personal information.

He said even if The Stage Media sends in a Freedom Of Information(FOI) Request, they will not respond to said request.

Conclusion:  The Stage Media Could not independently confirm the claim made by the Liberty Party Public Relations officer, Daniel Sando, because Representative Gray and the University of Liberia declined to provide the needed information.

At this point, we can safely say that the claim is unconfirmed.   

By: Melvin Jackson 


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