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Do “Drinking Alcohol on Medication’ works?


With rigorous studies, expert says it is not advisable to take medication and drink alcohol!

“In fact, we advise against alcohol consumption, particularly excessive alcohol consumption, as it is dangerous to the health,” Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan.

He said generally, patients are to strictly avoid alcohol when taking medications. Specifically, patients should avoid alcohol when taking painkillers, antidepressants, antibiotics, nitrates and antihypertensive medications, cold and allergy medications, and antidiabetic medications just to name a few categories.

“Taking drugs and drinking alcohol can result in adverse drug-alcohol interaction that is dangerous to the health,” said Dr. Nyan.

Dr. Nyan is a Liberian medical doctor, a biomedical research scientist, social activist and inventor. He specializes in infectious disease research.

The World Health Organization in its 2016 report says 88 % of Liberians drink Spirit, 9% Beer, 2% wine and 1% other.


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