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Claim: Liberian Legislature has a functional website 

Verdict: False

Full text: Naymote, a Civil Society Organization (CSO), recently released a report that captured the promises of President George M. Weah; another report showed the workings of the legislative branch of the Liberian government.

It detailed the number of promises made by President Weah, the ones he has achieved, and those that are yet to be fulfilled. 

Also, the institution looked deep into the Legislature with a focus on many other things, including the ratio of men to women, the number of legislation passed by both houses, the budget of the Legislature, and the number of public and secret sessions held.

After the report on the Legislature, the Director of Communication at the House of Representatives, Robert Haynes, in a phone conversation on Truth FM State of the Nation Talk Show, termed the report false.

During the appearance of the Naymote team, who claimed that the Liberian Legislature does not have a website was when Haynes phoned in.

Naymote said despite substantial financial support to the Legislature, the body does not have any regular (official) publications on its activities or an active, official website for public information. 

However, Naymote recommends that the Liberian Legislature set up a functional website and ensure voting records are made public.

In response to Naymote’s January 25, 2023, radio appearance, Haynes said the report was untrue.

He claims Naymote’s report  is to satisfy donor partners “The  institution haveto  write anything they want to write about the legislature.”

When asked about the official website of the Liberian Legislature, Mr. Haynes said the functional website of the Liberian Legislature is

He also pointed out the Legislature’s Facebook page, which provides prompt public information.

TSM researched the link, and it took us to several associations, including Wikipedia, WorldAtlas, Executive Mansion, and the Liberiainfo.

We reached out to Facebook and established that the Liberian Senate has its own Facebook page with 4.5 thousand followers. The House of Representatives also has a Facebook page with 5.1 thousand followers.

Conclusion: With the study completed, it is reasonable to claim that the House of Representatives director of press misrepresented the facts. The Legislature does not have a functioning website. However, the House of Representatives does have a Facebook page. In addition, neither chamber of the Legislature has a single Facebook profile that has all of their information (Representative and Senate)


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