Suspension Letter

Although sanctioned Minister for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill publicly resigned, he still enjoys and has exclusive powers in the corridors of the George Weah regime.

The Stage Media (TSM) gathered that McGill got angry upon a request by the Executive Protection Service (EPS) armories department to return the arms assigned to him (McGill).

The armory of the EPS is the department responsible for ensuring that the weapons of the institution are secured.

It considers the number of weapons the force has, who carries arms or not, the number of shots or rounds in a particular gun when assigned, and ensures that ammunition is returned to the armory at the end of assignments.

One of the sources said, “Those people were doing their work by requesting the arms from McGill since he has resigned. The source said that the assigned EPS officers should be recalled and return their assigned guns because their assignment was over.”

“When EPS made the request, McGill called President Weah and explained to him [President Weah] what occurred.

President Weah reportedly called EPS boss Trokon Roberts and instructed him to take an immediate decision.”

Upon the call by Weah, officers Fredrick Bartuah and Wynson Otis are suspended for a month without pay.

“Fredrick Bartuah is the current acting head of the EPS armories. He asked Wynson Otis to send text messages to the three EPS officers on McGill duty to return the guns because McGill had resigned. 

“As we speak, the two officers are serving their suspensions while EPS agent Blackie and his two other friends are still providing security for the sanctioned and resigned Minister for State and Presidential Affairs, McGill,” the source detailed.

TSM placed a call to the two officers (Fredrick and Otis), who both denied being suspended by the EPS authorities.

“It is high security I cannot answer to that, you can go ask my authority, I don’t know anything about what you are saying. As I speak, I am on assignment,” Fredrick said on the other side of the phone in a scary

tone as he aborted the call.

As for Otis, he did not allow the question to end from the reporter when he screamed, “I am not aware of it, I am not aware of what you are saying.”

One of the letters of suspension obtained by the TSM investigation

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, Liberian President George M. Weah suspended McGill and two other officials the United States of America designated.

The President said his government was investigating the three top government officials, an investigation that did not end when the three of them resigned from the government”

After severe pressure from civil society organizations and other bodies requesting Weah to dismiss McGill, McGill then resigned on September 12.

Although McGill resigned, he is seen publicly with the state securities.

On Tuesday, August 20, 2022, McGill went to Bong County for a visit, he carried his three official agents and among them was one of the agents only identified as Blackie.

A source said the acceptance of the resignation is to fool the public,” a top agent at the EPS told TSM Liberia in confidence.

EPS officer only identified as Blackie on assignment in Bong County when resigned Minister McGill was serving his suspension ( Facebook upload image by David B. Kolleh dated August 20, 2022)

The EPS executives are yet to respond to the inquiry via the WhatsApp messages sent to him although it shows that he has seen the first of two messages sent to him.

Investigation continues.


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