Social Media has circulated a video of a man wearing a green shirt hitting an electric pole. The post was shared by Shine Liberia, a blog with 172k followers.

The post has thus far attracted 661 comments, 1.6K shares, and 70K views, including 1K reactions.

Liberia Journal also published the video claiming “Kush again,” which attracted 17 comments and 35 shares.

We used reverse image verification and found out that the video has been posted in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and D.R Congo.

 We also checked a video posted by Fries FM with a claim that Kush has taken over Liberian youths.

The post attracted 792 reactions, 395 comments, and 21K views.

According to a reverse Image search, the video was published in 2020 in Kenya.

The post has also been shared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Kush is a specific type of cannabis. It’s popular for recreational users because it’s sometimes thought to be stronger than other strains of cannabis. Some people may also like the feeling of Kush better than other kinds of cannabis and may also think it’s easier to smoke.

Kush strains of cannabis are descended from plants from the Kush region, which is on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border

Conclusion: Liberia has 47,917 at-risk youths, according to the Ministry of Health. At risk are youths hooked on narcotic substances. However, it is fair to say that the two videos circulating on social are not from Liberia.


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