Claim: Franck has sent a message to Liberia Daily Observer that he will be in Liberia by November of this year.

Source: Liberian History 

Verdict: Incorrect

 Full Text: Social media has an attraction after an elderly woman’s appearance on OK FM‘s afternoon Talk-Show claiming that she’s the biological mother of Franck Yannick Kessie, a player of FC Barcelona.

According to those social media posts, Nancy is seeking to reunite with her son whom she reportedly lost contact with since his childhood.

Those social media reports claimed that since  Franck’s father, Bruno Nyanway, took him and his younger brother for schooling in Ivory Coast, she has never been able to see them. 

Since that appearance, Liberians have grown concerned as different blogs have posted different information.

T. Kla Wesley Jr., a Facebook user with one hundred and thirty-one has his share of the conversation.

As for BK Medi’a post on Liberian Influence, they said Barcelona have immediately suspended Franck Yannick Késsié from all activities until he can settle things with his biological mother from Liberia. 

Also, the Liberian Music industry accused the old lady of telling lies.

There are too many claims and counterclaims popping out.

The one we are currently verifying was made by Liberian History.

In that post, the blog said, “Finally Franck has sent a message to the Liberia Daily Observer that he will be in Liberia by November of this year to meet Ma Nancy for a DNA test to Know whether Ma Nancy is his biological mother.”

The post attached 123 comments and 274 reactions within two hours.  

Verification: The Stage Media verified two of those claims starting with his communication sent to the Daily Observer about his coming to Liberia in November of this year.

TSM-Liberia contacted Daily Observer Editor-in-Chief, Robin Dopoe Jr. and Deputy Editor, William Q. Harmon via Facebook Messenger to verify the claim that the Liberian Observer has received a communication from the footballer.

Harmon said the player has not reached out to the Daily Observer Newspaper as claimed by Liberian History.

“No one has contacted us about the player’s decision to come to Liberia; that information is fake. If the blog is claiming that the  Daily Observer has said information, why did they not share the link to the story?” he questioned.

As for Dopeo, the Editor-In-Chief, he said, “I have not received any communication to that effect. I check our social media accounts and our official email, but no such information is posted, sent, or published.

The Daily Observer editor described the post as a ‘lie’ from a blog that wants to use the Daily Observer to share disinformation and gain relevance, something Dopeo said is wrong.

Relating to his football Club, FC Barcelona suspending him, we checked the Club’s website but did not see anything that talks about the action against him for neglecting his mother. 

All of the most recent information about the baller on the Club’s page happened long before the lady claiming to be his biological mother appeared on OK fm.

Screenshot of FC Barcelona’s official website

Conclusion: TSM-Liberia has determined that those claims are entirely untrue and should not be taken seriously after interacting with those editors and verifying the FCB website.

This story was produced with the Center for Journalism Innovation and Development (CJID) support.


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