Marvin Cole Picture Credit: Marvin Cole Facebook Page

J. Marvin Cole, Bong County District #3 Representative, who took the stand as prosecution first witness on Monday, January 31, 2022, told the Paynesville 
Magisterial court that he did not order thugs to beat on Journalist
Bettie Johnson- Mbayo,  Doctor Moses Mbayo, and Johnson Kerkula, principal of the St. Simon Baptist School at his Du-port road resident during a tension.

He, however, said, after the trio attacked his vehicle, he managed to enter his fence but “do not know what when on behind my back.”

Rep. Cole denied ordering thugs to beat on the trio but said he cannot recall what went wrong after he entered his fence.

“At no time I can recall ordering thugs to naked journalist Johnson-Mbayo,” he said.

The Mbayos and Mr. Kerkula are currently facing legal charges of Felonious restraint, Disorderly Conduct, and Terroristic threat against the lawmaker.

Rep. Cole in his direct testimony at the court accused journalist Mbayo of stoning him with a rock in his chest, while Doctor Mbayo used invectives, and Kerkula removed his belt to beat on him (Rep. Cole) when his driver approached them to remove their parked vehicle from the driveway.

The Bong lawmaker claimed that he was collared by Journalist Mbayo when he approached her husband, who was in the vehicle driver’s seat.

Even though Rep. Cole during the cross-examination claimed that the trio vehicle was parked in his driveway, the lawmaker, however, testified that he took his car into his fence without the couple removing theirs from the scene.

Rep. Cole also denied that there was a commotion that resulted in the Doctor’s shirt, undies, and trousers being torn up.

On Wednesday, January 25, 2021, during the first hearing Rep. Cole appeared at the court heavily escorted by members of the Liberian National Police.

The police denied journalists from entering the court premises.

The trial on Wednesday ended when three pieces of evidence were missing.

Judge Marvin Bah ordered the evidence to be replaced but it has not.

It may be recalled on January 15, 2022,  journalist Mbayo,  her husband Dr.  Mbayo, and Mr. Kerkula were allegedly ordered flogged by Rep. Cole because their vehicle was parked at the edge of his fence in an alley.

According to the Journalist, Rep. Cole said they obstructed his movement.

The Press Union of Liberia, Female Journalists Association, and Reporters Association have since classified the lawmaker’s  lawsuit as unfair, inhumane, and unjust to “The Mbayos.”


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