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The Covid-19 pandemic will not end anytime soon, and people should now adapt to the new way of life, says a public health expert.
Schools should be open depending on the community COVID-19 cases and how safety measures the school takes.
In an area where the virus is not properly managed, public health expert says it is risky for in-person learning.
But in an area where the virus is under control, experts say school still needs to adapt to online learning platforms and minimize the risk when reopening.
There is an increase in internet data charges, and this has affected many consumers on using the data.
Dr. Soka Moses, an epidemiologist says if online learning should be used there is a need to train teachers and ensure that mobile services reduce its tariff on data in making sure that it is affordable for people.
Currently, 395,063 people have access to data according to the Internet live stats.
Evidence suggests young children don’t spread the disease very easily, while kids aged 10 and up may transmit as easily as adults. But Dr. Moses experts say the more- conclusive proof is needed.
And even though children appear less probably to get infected than adults, and less likely to become seriously ill when they do, severe cases and deaths have occurred.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children and teens often have only mild illness or no symptoms when infected. That means they could unknowingly pose a risk to other students — who may pass the virus on to their parents and grandparents — or to teachers and other adults who might be vulnerable to severe illness if infected.
Recommended safety measures include wearing face coverings in schools washing hand bucket places at the entrance of schools.
The Ministry of Education has emphasized that while the enforcement of hygiene rules and practices for a safe school environment is the school administrator’s responsibility, students, families, and communities also have an important role to play in ensuring compliance. Parents are required to continuously observe their children and if the child shows any symptoms of COVID-19, parents should restrict the child from attending classes as well as contact the health team immediately.
It is not known if it is also advised. Cancelling cafeteria and other school gatherings also help, says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Sierra Leone with far higher cases than in Liberia reopened schools with adjustments and have had no outbreaks tied to schools.


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