We have tracked thirty-four social media accounts that have labelled the former Vice President Joseph Boakai; Unity Party ticket as the Ritual Ticket alias (Gboyo).

According to Liberian pidgin; “gboyo” sells human parts. 

Political commentator and owner of the radio show “The Costa Show “ in a live podcast alleged that Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Koung is a human part seller; a statement he later retracted

Despite the name-calling, Boakai named Koung as his VP pick in April, almost six months before the elections.

In a radio appearance in Grand Bassa, Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) political leader Koung debunked the claim.

“The only time you heard about it was when it was election time. I have never paid for an abortion before, and I believe every child has the right to live. People are trying to say things in the name of politics,” Koung said.

Koung continued, “Costa realized he was wrong when he said it, so he texted me to apologize. I am a leader, and when you are a leader, they spit on you. I have multiple children in my home, and none of them has gone missing due to ritual participation.”

The UP VP pick thinks that the name-calling is a myth designed to divert attention away from the real issue.

Again on June 5, he denied the claim in Nimba, stating that it was a ploy to mess with his career.

Tartieh O. Tartiehhttps://bit.ly/3qGnosj
Joseph Contohttps://bit.ly/46aYzoI
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Alvin S. Bonohttps://bit.ly/3PiXl4M
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Abe Tamba Mienwipiahttps://bit.ly/3NdZL1R
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Prince Bill Yealoadhttps://bit.ly/43HT4MC
Che Cee Younghttps://bit.ly/3qMmI4J
Amb Francis Sackor Togba Sr.https://bit.ly/43L1BOJhttps://bit.ly/444hzU0https://bit.ly/3CGeZaY
Abubakar Cornehhttps://bit.ly/42IRkRT
John G Kamarahttps://bit.ly/43MWsWq
Cyrus Sneh Mannehhttps://bit.ly/3JlwPUDhttps://bit.ly/3Ph2iejhttps://bit.ly/3XuBBoR
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Amb Nelson Menbah Jacksonhttps://bit.ly/43KOSM1 
Shine Liberiahttps://bit.ly/3pb4KZo 
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Mulbah Kessellyhttps://bit.ly/43TwocAhttps://bit.ly/446k34f 
Madjongbeh Sonhttps://bit.ly/3Jn2zsBhttps://bit.ly/3qULnEc 
Edward Jallah Fahnbulleh https://bit.ly/3CBThoB 
Stone Birch https://bit.ly/3PkKSgPhttps://bit.ly/44bzokd 
Abel Wise Jahhttps://bit.ly/3XdiiQy 
Chf Varflay Kollie  ·https://bit.ly/3PlDIZV 
Timothy Brookshttps://bit.ly/44bA2hH 
KOK https://bit.ly/3qQkXng 
Steven Siakwa Saywonhttps://bit.ly/42PvKvl 
Romeo T. S. Kanniohhttps://bit.ly/3pfG3ef 
Nimledy Naomi Kumblyhttps://bit.ly/43NSZXF 

Also, at the event marking the endorsement of President Weah’s second term bid by the lawmakers, a song was played there.

In this music, which was performed in the presence of President Weah and all other officials of the CDC government, including House Speaker, Bhofal Chambers, Albert Tugbe Chie, CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu and others, the musician implies that former Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai, Jeremiah K.  Koung and others were part of ritualistic killing( Gboyo).

Part of the song says, “ We want George Weah, we don’t want no gboyo. Rescue 1 is Gboyo, rescue 2 is Gboyo all of them are Gboyo so we don’t want no Gboyo all we want is George Weah.”

Conclusion: The assertion that the UP ticket is Gboyo because of Vice Presidential candidate Koung is unproven.


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