Leaked WhattApp Message

Claim 1: A screenshot posted by social media block Liberian Influence purports to be from the Executive Chartroom of CPP.

Source: Social media user post on The Liberian Influence

Verdict: Manipulated 

Full text:  A social media user posted in the Liberian Influence with the claim, “These are leaked conversations of ur (your) so-called rescue missionaries.”

The user displayed conversations he said were from executives of the opposition Unity Party in their WhatsApp chatroom.

The Unity Party is one of the leading opposition parties in the October 10 elections.

Verification 1: The Stage Media (TSM) contacted Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson, one of those who allegedly exchanged those words in the chats posted by the social media user.

Senator Johnson, in a telephone conversation, referred to the claim as incorrect and deceptive, emphasizing that the claim should claim national security.

TSM contacted Nimba County Senator and vice standard bearer of the Unity Party, Jeremiah Koung, and Amos Tweh, Secretary General of the UP, but the two failed to answer or reply to any of the messages sent.

Screenshot of recent call log of call attempts to Senator Koung

We also checked the pistol that was posted in claim number one, and we realized that the Italian-made gun was downloaded from  a website called, “ wiki2.org.”

Image of the gun that was contained in the post

Conclusion 1. TSM observed that the WhatsApp message screenshots posted by Social Media Blog The Liberian Influence are manipulated content.

Additionally, the photo bearing the face of the group “2023 Rescue Mission” was revealed by the Unity Party after leaving the collaboration. 

Moreover, there are individuals mentioned who have never been a member of the CPP including Senators Prince Johnson and Jeremiah Koung.

Claim 2:  Also, another post by a social media user on The Emmanuel Savice Show stated,  “Another cat off the bag. We don’t need another freedom fighter or rescue mission. We know what freedom fighters did in this country.”

This time, the conversation is between Senator Abe Darius Dillon and another person whose name and image are not seen on the chat.

Verification: One of the boxes that color was taken from Dreamstime, a weapons and military supplies store in Belgium after we verified through Yandex.

Screenshot of the Conversation

Conclusion 2: It is fair to say that the claim is misleading and that it is intended to put fear in citizens.  


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