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Full Story:  Social media has been flooded with claims that the National Transit Authority has spent US$95,000 on two buses from Ghana.

Since its founding in 2009, the National Transit Authority (NTA) has had a major influence on meeting Liberians’ requirements for transportation throughout the nation.

Some of the claims are seen here

Verification: Daniel Sando, the newly nominated Deputy Minister for Press and Public Affairs at the Ministry of Information, disclosed during a press conference on Tuesday, June 25, that the government of Liberia has made no deal to consummate the two buses.

“The two buses that are here are to be tested and there is an ongoing conversation with the NTA and the company. If and when these conversations are consummate, it may lead to a public-private partnership to enable people to have access to quality transportation,” Sando added.

Additionally,  Noah Z. Gibson, National Transport Authority  Deputy Director of Operations, revealed on OK FM on Monday, June 24, 2024, that the government has not purchased any buses. He spoke at 2 hours and 2 minutes into the OK Morning Show with Clarence Jackson.

According to Gibson, those buses belong to a Brazilian company called Marco Polo, which has a branch in Ghana, and the buses are running in Liberia for trial. 

He further narrated that the government is in contact with other companies to get into public-private partnerships in the transportation sector of Liberia.

Also appearing at the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism (MICAT) regular press briefing, the Director of the National Transit Authority, Edmund Forh said the government is in negotiations with Marco Polo to provide 300 buses over three (3) years.

He further informed the public that the institution was also in contact with other companies.

Forh denied the information spreading on social media that the entity has purchased 300 buses.

Additionally, we have contacted the Ghana government, and when they respond, we will update this article.

Conclusion: After our research, we can now say that the government has not purchased any buses, as claimed on social media. Therefore, the claim that the government spent US$95,000 to purchase buses from Ghana is misleading!


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