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Claims: President of AME University Alvin Attah and AME Zion University Benjamin Lartey have stepped down

Verdict: false Both Dr. Attah and Dr. Lartey never stepped down.

Full text: Martin Kollie, a social activist and lead campaigner of the Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court (CACC), on Friday, February 17, posted that the presidents of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) and African Methodist  Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU) resigned.

“Breaking News…AMEU President Alvin Attah and AMEZU President Benjamin Lartey have stepped down. Great decision. Others at UL, SMPU, Smythe, UMU etc. Must also step down. CACC will pursue them, no more free ride.”

AMEU is a private higher education institution. The African Methodist Episcopal Church founded the institution in 1995, and the Liberian Legislature chartered it in 1996. In contrast, The AMEZU began in 1983 with the establishment of the AME Zion School of Business Studies. The AME Zion Community College was founded in 1987 and offers Associate degrees in Criminal Justice Management, Law Enforcement, and Liberal Arts, among other things.

The resignation of the two university presidents, according to Kollie, followed the policy of the  National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE).

The new policy states that; All Presidents and Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs (VPAAs) of various universities/colleges must possess a doctorate from an accredited university, and an Honorary Degree Holder is DISALLOWED to serve as President or Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) at any Higher Education Institution in Liberia.

The post by Martin Kollie on his Facebook page attracted 638 reactions, 425 comments, and 77 shares.

Verification:  The post was not only done by Martin. The Analyst Newspaper published an article including a Facebook account titled D. Clifford Russell, and The Liberian Influence did a similar post on the two presidents.

Clifford said Rev. Attah of AME University resigned his post as president following the new policy of the National Commission on Higher Education ( NCHE).

Rev. Alvin Attah resigned from his position in response to the National Commission for Higher Education’s new policy requiring only Ph.D. holders to serve as presidents of universities and colleges in Liberia.

According to Nana Queen, Rev Attah, Pastor of the Eliza Turner AME Church, on Sunday, February 20, said, I have not resigned my position as President of the AME University. The board of trustees, which is the decision-making board of the institution, has not received any letter of resignation from me, nor am I thinking about doing so.

TSM contacted Dr. Alvin E. Attah, president of AMEU, who denied the claim, “All of my certificates and degrees were earned by hard work.

Also, a press statement was issued by AMEZU on Monday, February 20, 2023, refuting the claim of Dr. Benjamin Lartey’s resignation.

James Kromah, a professor at the University, posted this on his page, “Martin, this information is false and misleading. AMEU President Rev. Alvin Attah is still in charge of AMEU. There is no news about his resignation on or  around the campus of AMEU this morning. Please recheck your facts and stop spewing lies and falsehood against peaceful citizens.”

Conclusion: After our research, we can categorically state that neither University’s president resigned, contrary to what CACC campaign leader Martin Kollie said in his post on February 17.

Nevertheless, we cannot determine whether the two presidents are competent.

by: Maima Wright


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