LPRC New Headquarter

Claim: “Today we are here once again to witness another important milestone in the history of this country: the dedication of the very first purpose-built Administrative Building of the LPRC since its establishment more than 40 years ago.”

Source: President George Weah

Fact Check: The first office before the 1990 crisis was constructed during Cletus Wotorson’s administration as managing director, who served the company from 1978-1980.

The building was on the Freeway but was massively looted during the war. But in actuality, this recent one is the most modern, but not the first.

Verdict: False But,

Claim: The construction is from the far back of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Source: Assistant Secretary-General for Planning, Policy and Institutional development of Unity Party Amos Tweh

Fact Check: Research established that the strategic plan 2012-2016 included the construction of the headquarters.

Verdict: True But,

The construction though included in the plan but it is now completed.



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