Claim: “Comedian Paul Flomo is a Multi-Millionaire”

Source: Shine Liberia

Verdict: Untrue, Comedian Paul Flomo is not a Multimillionaire.  

Full Text: Isaac Sunday Sieh alias Paul Flomo, a popular comedian who has used his arts to raise awareness on road safety and Covid-19 is now consider as a multimillionaire in the entertainment industry in Liberia.

Paul Flomo is an award winnning Comedian. He started his journey in the entertainment industry in 2018 and his first act was a documentary on the Coronavirus Disease in which he played the character of a Drunker. He is also a movie icon who started up between 2014-2015.

The post read, “Congratulations to Liberia’s Multi-Millionaire Comedian Paul Flomo on getting married to his girlfriend.

The post generated over 911 reactions, 273 comments and 23 shares.

Verification: The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines multi-millionaire as a  person whose wealth amounts to many millions (as of dollars or pounds); while he Cambridge Dictionary defines a multi-millionaire as a person who has money and property worth several million dollars, pounds, euros, etc.

On May 27, 2023, news of Comedian Paul Flomo’s wedding made rounds on social media with some social media users and bloggers extending congratulatory messages to the Comedian and his wife. One such blog is Shine Liberia. In its congratulatory message, the blog tagged Paul Flomo as Liberia’s Muilti-Million Comedian.

The Stage Media tried finding records of the claim but found no record of the net worth of comedian Paul Flomo even though he had on many occasions tagged himself as a multi-millionaire comedian in Liberia. 

On May 17, 2021, the Comedian brags about earning approximately USD 33,062 yearly, claiming to be the richest Comedian.

Chris Wolo a veteran of the Liberian entertainment industry. He said Liberia does not have a multi-millionaire in Liberia, therefore,  it must be a joke for Shine Liberia to have said Paul Flomo is a Multimillionaire. “I strongly think the post is a joke,” He said.

Conclusion: After all verifications, The Stage Media can safely say Paul Flomo is not a multi-millionaire as claimed even though information on his Net Worth cannot be traced.

This story was produced with the Center for Journalism Innovation and Development (CJID) support.


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