Claim: Joe Boakai and cummings ticket seals 

Verdict: False

Full Text:  A social media blog name Today Liberia TV posted February 10 that former Vice President Joseph Breaking and Alternative Natiobal Congress political leader has  decided to contest as a team.

The post attracts 454 reactions, 450 comments, and 60 shares.

The post said, “Breaking News Joe Boakai and Cummings ticket seals..

Report says Members of the opposition (Joseph Boakai and Alexander Cummings) have almost completed talks leading to a full collaboration for the 10 October elections this year.

Our source disclosed that Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) has  accepted to go as running mate to former Vice President Joseph Boakai for the Presidential ensuing Election.

According to our source, Mr. Cummings accepted the offer based on several conditions including equity distribution of jobs among the two parties and most importantly for the Former VP to run for only one term thus giving the ANC the opportunity to lead.

The supporters of the both men have had bad blood for each other from the deformation of the CPP , where one party accused the other of tempering with their framework document.”

The post comes as Liberia goes to elections October this year to elect new President.

Verification: The post was done not only by the social Media blog but also by Marc Jabateh, Exclusive Online TV, Shine TV and Map TV. All these posts attracted many comments, reactions, and shares.

TSM contacted Fubbi Henries, Executive of the ANC; he debunked the claim adding that the claim  is far from reality. He says there has been no discussion to that effect. 

Similarly, we contacted Mohammed Ali, former secretary general Unity Party, to confirm the information. He also terms the information as false and says there has been no discussion of such to the best of his knowledge.

We also checked the official facebook pages of Boakai’s  and Cummings, and we found no such information to confirm the claim.

Recently, Boakai, in a VOA interview, said one political party could not defeat President George Weah, who is contesting for the second term.

Boakai stressed the need for the opposition community to form a common front.

Meanwhile,  Boakai and r Cummings remain the forerunners in the opposition. However, their chances of replacing incumbent Weah depend not on their formidability but on the strength of the ticket they forge. Some believe only a Boakai-Cummings ticket can unseat the incumbent.

In a piece of analysis, Taa Wongbe, former aide to Cummings, said that what the Liberian people want as an alternative to Weah is a Boakai-Cummings ticket.

He noted that Cummings could not win the 2023 elections alone, especially with Boakai in the race. He called on Cummings to prove his love for country by seconding Boakai for unseating Weah in October.

“CDC’s first 200,000 votes will come from Montserrado. Boakai’s first 200,000 votes will come from Montserrado and Lofa. No one knows where Cummings first 100,000 votes will come from,” he said.

Conclusion: Despite suggestions that the two work together in the next elections in October, it is true that there is no record of the two political figures agreeing to run on a single ticket.

By: Joyclyn Wea


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