Monrovia- Martha Brown, 46, sits behind her fruit market, while a precinct was a kilometre away from her.

She has been selling fruits for over 20 years in the slipway community.

Martha said she has no interest in the special senatorial election, “You expect me to leave my market and go vote for people who will not have time for me, she asked rhetorically.

She is a mother of four (age 5, 8,12, 18) children and abandoning her market will deprive her kids of food.

“My children’s father left us, this market is what my children and I depend on daily, and for me to leave what is giving us food is difficult, “she said.

Like Martha, Gifty Swen, 29, is a member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, she said her refusal to vote is due to the current economy in the country.

“I am a petit trader, during the past regime, I could sell and manage my children and myself, but now, the rate is difficult to encourage us to buy goods.

“you purchased goods in United States Dollars but it’s not everyone who has US dollars, at the end, you lose profit because you want your business to sell, so you sell the goods at limited price for your family survival.”

Gifty said she has no interest in the just-ended election because the party she supports is not seeking the welfare of the citizens.

Jimmy Karteh, a motorcyclist, sat on his bike awaiting passengers at the 72nd junction, a suburb of the capital Monrovia, as he continuously screamed, Barnesville, Jacob Town, who’s going was approached by our reporter.

When asked why he was not voting, he said,” today is my hustling day, so I can’t leave my hustle and go stand on a long line to vote somebody to their own riches, I am going to hustle  now- now, I don’t have any time for voting business.”

Ma Korpo Zawu, a resident of 72nd community, clearly told our reporter, “I am not voting, I have no part to play and what am I going to do there in fact, I better go sell my market to feed my children, I am not going  to stand in that hot sun for somebody riches.”

Jessica sumo.” I wanted to participate in the process but when the registration was going on, I never had the chance and the patience to go stand in the long line because the place was very packed.”

Ma. Mary Sumo.” I don’t take part in Petit election like this one because this other election for mainly young people and whoever they put there, then that’s it.”


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