Claim: Joseph Nyuman Boakai has security details that have changed, including two brand police sirens.”

Verdict: The claim is misleading, the security of the Unity Party and Opposition leader Joseph Boakai has not been changed

Full Text: On November 14, 2023, Liberians went to the polls for a run-off election to decide between incumbent President George and opposition candidate and former Vice President Joseph Boakai.

The two candidates did not obtain 50+1 of the valid votes cast in the October 10, 2023, elections as required by law.

A few days after the run-off, TSM spotted a claim here and here by journalist Nyantee Togba of OK FM: “Update. Two additional vehicles with top security practitioners have been added to the motorcade of UP leader Joseph Boakai.

Togba’s claim attracted 97 comments, 27 shares, and 58 reactions.

A similar claim is found here by a supporter of Boakai Alexandra Amnon, also known as Pretty Xandra: “Latest from a reliable source! JNB security details have changed, including two brand new police Seren vehicles, one in the front and one in the back. God is great.”

Verification: When the claim was made, Liberia Nation Police Director of Press Moses Carter was contacted, and this release was shared.

LNP Clarifies Fake Report of Two Siren Vehicles Adding to UP Standard Bearer Details

The attention of the Liberia National Police has been drawn to false reports being circulated on social media and other electronic platforms of two additional LNP siren vehicles being added to the convoy of the Unity Party Standard Bearer, Ambassador Joseph Boakai.

 Those circulating said reports are urged to desist, as the LNP remains focused in providing security for every Liberian.

 The LNP also appreciates Liberians for their peaceful conducts during the November 14, 2023 runoff elections, while at the same time assuring them of their safeties.

Members of the media are urged to crosscheck their reports before releasing them to the public.

 The media community and every stakeholder remain very important to the protection of the peace and stability of the state.

When we asked who assigns siren cars to public officials, Carter replied that the Ministry of Justice is in charge of doing so.

We contacted the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Musa Dean, via WhatsApp, and he said the claim was not true.

Both the campaign’s spokesperson, Mo Ali, and the Unity Party’s secretary general, Amos Tweh, were contacted, but neither of them replied.

Conclusion: With the responses from the Ministry of Justice and Police, it is fair to say that the claim that Boakai has additional security with sirens is misleading.


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