Pastor Emmanuel Benedict Hunes, Pastor of World of God International Ministries, has not come through on his prophecy because the couple is well in a marriage he predicted would fail about a year ago.

The prophetic words of Pastor Hunes were communicated to The Stage Media (TSM-Liberia) by a member of the church, who asked us to investigate his pronouncement against the couple’s marriage.

“Hours have turned into days and days into months as months nearing a year now but the doomed message still hangs in the balance,” the Church member told TSM-Liberia.

When contacted, Pastor Hunes told TSM-Libria that the Church did not prophesy death upon the couple; however, he provided a recording in his mobile phone claiming to be the words from God communicated to the church through a lady only identified as ‘Sister Mary’ one of prophetic groups in the church.

He said God told him in the prophecy that failure on their part to obey His words they (the couple) would face His wrath.

At the same time, Hunes now is refuting reports that he told the couple they will die a week after their wedding due to their alleged failure to respect the prophecy of God.

“You listened to the recording, no death business here. God just said that the couple will face the consequences, there was no death threat on the family, the message was clear.” Pastor Hunes said.

How did it all start?

A couple decided to get married on July 17, 2022, with the consent of their Pastor (Hunes).

TSM-Liberia source said after months of planning with the Church and the full involvement of Hunes, the groom was informed by the pastor four days before the wedding that, “The Holy Spirit has spoken to “Sister Mary” instructing the Pastor to tell the groom that he should not get married to his wife because she is evil.”

The Pastor claimed the message was from God; he then asked the groom to marry the maid of honour who is his (pastor’s) sister-in-law.

Pastor Hunes in an interview

His assertion, according to the report, was based on what he considered as a prophecy that God revealed through those at the church called ‘Sister Mary of the Ministry.

In an interview with Hunes, he termed the assertion as complete misinformation that has been circulating in the public by the couple.

Hunes claimed that he never had a problem with the bride, but that the Holy Spirit had spoken of her repentance three days before the wedding.

He said that the wedding was blessed by God at the beginning, but then “God” asked the bride to repent, a sin he (the pastor) did not know what the real repentance that “God” was talking about..

According to Hunes, the then-bride underwent suspension on many occasions because of her actions adding, “I have to apologize to her and she came back.”
“When we returned to Monrovia from Ganta, Nimba County, for the traditional wedding, the then-bride confessed to me that she is the queen of the dark world,” Hunes claimed.

Even while acting as one of the ‘Sisters Mary’ to whom God generally communicates through congregations, she glimpsed a queen of the evil world.”

Pastor Hunes alleged that the water the bride used to put on the podium for him, “She used to poison it. She even said that she was sent to bring me down and that she was married to Satan among so many things.”

Hunes stated that after the bride’s confession, he chose to perform another deliverance before the wedding, which the wedding plans at the time was 99 percent successful.

The pastor told our reporter; “During the deliverance, the Lord descended to one of Sister Marys and told her that He, God, had another woman for the groom.”

“In the voice of God, He said ‘I have shown you your wife many times, you will not get married to Kebeh (not real name) because of the calling you are carrying, so you need not disobey the voice of God if you do so, I will say that you are stubborn or disobedient,” Hunes said, quoting what he called the word of God.

The pastor claimed the prophecy came to the groom, but the groom failed to reveal it to the pastor and members of the church for months while they were running around planning their wedding.

“I made the wedding personal for the bride because the groom’s family didn’t like her; I stood as her grantor during the traditional wedding,” he explained.

Victim’s story

The groom (Paul Smith), not his real name said, “I do not want to talk about this man of God, because if I begin to speak out, he will be surprised.”

Smith asserted that the pastor is aware of the wealth of knowledge he (Smith) possesses and that God had used the congregation’s and the pastor’s actions to help him choose where to worship without being duped into doing acts of worship in the wrong location.

“The church action was intended to cause my wife and me to leave that church because it demonstrated that we were not in the rightful area and were simply being misled without knowing what was going on,” Smith explained.

It is almost a year after their wedding, the couple now has a new church.

“We are satisfied with our new area of worship because bishop Hunes actually felt he was against me or he was trying to prevent my happiness, but God did it for the best and I was honoured during my wedding day.”

The wedding took place on July 17, 2022, since, the groom and wife have gone nearly a year in their marital life.

According to him, they are no longer a member of Pastor Hunes’ Ministry adding that they have joined another Church where their wedding was officiated last year.

He added that “the wrath of God that was pronounced by one of “Sister Marys” is yet to come to pass as they are happily married.
Expert view

Prophecy, according to Pastor Prosper Gueh, President and Founder of Prayer City Power Ministries, is God’s mind to His servant.

“Prophecy is Biblical, spiritual and it is the mind of God, if a man prophecies, he is narrating what God wants to say to a particular individual or a nation” he said.

Pastor Gueh said prophets are not the implementers of whatever God has instructed them to say, instead they are there to deliver what God wants His people to hear and make changes.

Prophet Gueh, a former biblical instructor at the Liberia Christian Community College (LCCC) added that prophecy is also meant to correct, heal, and rebuke.

He stated that because prophecy is designed to correct and heal, if an individual is prophesied upon and repents from said conduct, the occurrence is unlikely to occur, but if he or she does not reform, it becomes a problem.

But, pastor Hunes prophetic words arrived, and the couple’s wedding proceeded as planned, now they are happily married for a year.

This story was produced with the Center for Journalism Innovation and Development (CJID) support.


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