Verdict: Misleading the Unity Party not offering grants.

Full text: “BOAKAI L$3,500 APPRECIATION FUND. Hurry now and check if you are eligible to receiane a L$3,500 appreciation fund from the BOAKAI team. This appreciation fund is available to all Liberians. APPLY HERE:”

The above information has been making the rounds in many professional and personal WhatsApp chats about Joseph Boakai, President-elect of Liberia, gifting three thousand five hundred Liberian dollars as an appreciation fund to a member of the public for considering him in the runoff elections between him and incumbent George Weah. 

When you click the link, this is displayed: “On Monday, November 20, 2023, President Joseph Boakai was elected. Offer the grant fund of L$3,500 to individuals to show appreciation and support all citizens who voted for BOAKAI. My idea for introducing these great grants is to ensure everyone benefits from the Greatness BOAKAI is bringing back to Liberia. Get Your Own L$3,500 By Filling The Form Below.

The BOAKAI L$ 3,500 APPRECIATION FUND FOR ALL LIBERIANS BOAKAI Fund is to appreciate all. Applicants are to fill out the form below and click on Apply.”

Verification: We used to authenticate the information, and the results show that the information being circulated is deceptive and poses a considerable danger to anyone who clicks the link.

We discovered the following: a trust index of oper centent and an HTTPS security protocol detected on the website (be cautious, this indicator is not always synonymous with security! )The domain name is very recent (less than six months), the owner of the domain name associated with this site is hidden in the Whois database, and the domain has a short life expectancy.

Furthermore, we discovered that the domain creation date is August 8, 2023 (less than six months) and the domain expiration date is August 8, 2024 (less than one year remaining). 

We also conducted an additional investigation on this link and found that when you click on it, three options (Name, Email, and City) appear; to access the award, you must fill these out and move on to the next page.

An application will be sent to the following choice, which asks for the applicant’s marital and employment statuses, after filling out the three blank spaces with any letter or number and clicking APPLY. At that point, the applicant will be immediately qualified to apply.

However, we observed that after verifying the applicant’s eligibility, the following option asks them to share the opportunity until the blue bar is full. You then proceed to the payment plan, but it shows nothing further.

Reviewing the Unity Party’s Facebook page and President-elect Boakai’s page, we found no information relating to the grant as circulated.

Conclusion: Based on these facts, the viral message claims that President-elect Boakai is giving L$35,000 because the grant is fake. Beware; it aims to attract personal information.


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