Full Text: Jonathan Lee Pratt, who goes by the stage name JZYNO, is a Liberian singer and songwriter currently based in Ghana. Pratt was born on January 3, 1995, in Buchanan, Liberia, to a Nigerian-Liberian mother and a Liberian-Portuguese father. 

He began performing musical freestyles as a teenager and relocated to Ghana, where he currently resides. JZyNO gained recognition in Liberia in 2020 after releasing the single “Kpan Kpan Me”, featuring Teddyride vocals. 

He was nominated five times at the 2020 MTN-sponsored Liberia Music Awards, making him the first artist to garner the most nominations in MLMA history.

JZyNO released several singles in 2021, including the Krymi-assisted track “Mamie Watta ” and the song “Rula”, which features vocals from Epixode and Nedy Music. His debut extended play, Brown Sugar, was released later that year.

In April 2023, JZyNO released the Afrobeats single “Butta My Bread”, which features vocals by Ghanaian singer Lasmid.

The song was distributed by Universal Music Group and became one of the top-trending songs on Spotify Ghana. 

The official music video for “Butta My Bread” was released in August 2023. JZNO has come under strong criticism from Liberians, especially supporters of CIC, after he talked to his colleagues about expressing his interest in collaborating with Nigerian musician Davido. 

Adesokan Adedeji Emmanuel (Shank Comics) is a Nigerian actor, comedian, and media influencer. He is widely known for his slogan, Lit Gang, which is the most talked-about word in his skit to date. 

Emmanuel was born on March 23, 1997, in Iwere-Ile, IwajowaOyo State, and grew up in Olambe, Ogun State. He was born to Nigerian parents and is a descendant of the Yoruba people from the western part of Nigeria.

Emmanuel had his primary education at Goodness and Mercy Private School in Olambe, Ogun State, and Lagos State Model College Meiran for his secondary education. 

A social media user named Garley Teddy posted in a public group (Fries FM) on April 22, 2024, the above image with the inscription, “Is my eyes deceiving me or what?. JZyNo and Shankcomics are this, not you? The Kranh kind, Garley Teddy.” the post up to our search attracted 80 reactions and 241 comments 

Verification: We used the following tools to verify the image and gathered some details about it, but as of yet, there has been no other source aside from Garley, which means he is the author of the image. 

To further satisfy our research, we took two recent images of JZYNO dated March 24, 2024, and March 10, 2024, respectively, to authenticate the claim and found that JZyNO does not have a tattoo up to date. 

Similarly, a search was done on a video of Shank Comics where he is without a shirt and we found that the position of his tattoos and that of the person in the image are different. Further links to Shank Comics Tattoo can be found here and here

Conclusion: The image posted by Garley showing musicians JZyNo and Shank Comics in a sexual position is manipulated and fake.


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