Claim: Henry Costa to contest the 2023 presidential election with his running mate, RiverGee senator Jonathan Sogbie on the All Liberian Party (ALP) ticket.

Full Text: Political commentator and talk show host Henry P. Costa’s image appeared on social media this time, not as a running mate to any political leader but as the presidential candidate of Businessman Benoni Urey’s party.

Urey established the All Liberian Party (ALP) in 2017 when he contested that year’s presidential election as a presidential candidate.

This claim has made rounds on both Instagram and Facebook.

On Instagram, a social media user posted in pidgin, stating, “So wettin Costa doing his mouth like that for naa? Lay brelor still vex with Boakai oooo.”

This pidgin, when interpreted, means Costa is still angry with former Vice President Joseph Boakai.

Also, Dream TV posted the same but said they couldn’t verify the claim.

Verification: Our researcher contacted Leaders of the ALP and Henry P. Costa to verify the claim.

A WhatsApp message was sent to Costa, who has seen it but has not responded.

If he responds, we will update this article.

Screenshot of a message sent to Henry Costa with the poster.

We also contacted Theodore Momo, ALP chairman who said the claim was not true. “Costa is not the Presidential Candidate of ALP, the information is untrue.

Momo said such a decision could only be made at a national convention rather than a Facebook post.

Conclusion: Henry Costa and RiverGee senator Jonathan Boy Charles Sogbie are not ALP candidates for president and vice president in the upcoming elections. The claim is Misleading.


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