Both Enoch and Daniel Saye bodies awaiting burial

By Hannah N. Geterminah

Friday, August 13, 2021, was a sad day in the Royal Community; Mount Barclay, Montserrado County, when residents discovered the lifeless bodies of two boys in an ‘abandoned septic Tank’ belonging to their paternal uncle Eric Gbwlah.

After a heavy downpour of rain, both Enoch Saye, age 10 and Daniel Saye age 6 two stepbrothers who live with their step partners in the Royal Community was discovered dead in the septic tank.

The incident shook the entire community leaving many eyewitnesses weeping their losses while trying to console the boys’ mother who shares tears uncontrollably.

However, Isaac Gbarwe, community chairman disclosed that since 2017, the incident marks the third to have children found in abandoned wells and septic tanks in the community despite the community’s massive awareness of the closure of abandoned septic tanks and wells.

Emmanuel Saye, the Father of the children said he left early in the morning under the heavy downpour of rain to his business area in the Omega market.

Saye said his two children’s death has caused him long-lasting pain because he has done everything possible to have them educated.

“When I came home, my three-year-old son told me that they were playing in old cups and went at the back of the house while trying to take water from the open septic tank that was how Daniel drop in the water and his brother Enoch wanted to save him he too drop in the well,” he said frustratingly.

Saye said, “When the last born noticed that his two brothers were drowning, he speedily came at the front of the house to inform his big sister who downplayed the child’s complaint until the children die.”

He disclosed that the septic tank was dug between December 2020 and January 2021 adding that they are living in the house belonging to his brother.

Saye confirmed that the kids usually played in the open hole when there is no water in it but previoulsy punished them and said they should never play around the open septic tank until their death.

“One time I came from selling, I was told that they were jumping in the open septic tank by then there was no water in it so I whipped them to scare them from playing in it,” he said.

The abandoned septic tank that both Enoch and Daniel bodies were discovered

Oretha Mehn, age 28, mother of the children in an interview told journalists that she left her home early Friday morning after having fun with her three boys to the commercial hub of Red-light where she sells sugar to provide for her family.

Oretha said, “Before leaving my house, the three boys and I were in my room watching a movie so I told them to get outside to their big sister, age 13 who usually takes care of them while I was on my way to the market to purchase food.”

“I put the phone off and instructed their sister to put it on when she is done with the work. I even advised them to stay home because I know how stubborn they can be,” she said.

Oretha said upon reaching the market about 10 am, she was informed by her mother-in-law about the sudden death of her two children something she said broke her down completely.

“Due to the tears in my eyes, I have not been able to ask about how the incident occurred but the only feeling I have now is the thought of wanting to follow my children.”It will be good that we all just die… my life is finished…it finished oh, Enoch and Daniel who your {leave} left me with ay…” Mother of the kids., with tears rolling from her eyes.

Explaining how she struggled with her three children over the years, Oretha said, “I was selling pepper and sending my children to school and now I am selling sugar just to educate and feed them. I took care of those children in this difficult economic situation but see my efforts lying behind that house.”

Oretha said even though the community members complained about her two children because of their stubbornness, she had a very good parent relationship with them and their demise is going to affect her greatly.

Chairman Gbarwe who expressed disappointment in the kids’ death said since the first two incidents occurred they have been able to carry on massive awareness to ensure that resident closed their wells and septic tank.

He said, “When I was informed about those children’s death it was shocking because I did not expect an open septic tank  in this community because we have asked them to cover abandoned septic tanks and wells.”

Gbarwe called on Liberians to make communities a safe environment for kids by not allowing abandoned septic tank, open wells or those pits that will endanger the lives of future leaders.


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