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Liberia’s president, George M. Weah, and standard bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), toured Nimba County to convince voters why they should re-elect him for the second term.

Speaking on October 1, 2023, during his birthday celebration in Tapata (1:18:48), Weah made these claims below:

1. Today the Coalition is 18 years old, and we are #18 on the ballot box.

Full Text: The Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) was established in 2005 and participated in the general elections. The party participated in the 2005 and 2011 elections as Congress for Democratic Change.

First roundSecond round
2005George Weah275,26528.3%327,04640.6%Lost 
2011Winston Tubman394,37032.7%62,2079.3%Lost 
2017George Weah596,037
(as part of CDC)

Then the Coalition for Democratic Change, an alliance formed in January 2017 to contest the 2017 general elections, brought together the Congress for Democratic Change, the National Patriotic Party, and the Liberia People’s Democratic Party.

The Congress for Democratic Change is a single party, but the coalition, as claimed by Weah, is a conglomeration of three parties, including the Congress.

Conclusion: Partly true. It is safe to say that Weah meant the Congress for Democratic Change and not the Coalition.

2. People claim they are from Nimba; I am from here too.

According to Weah’s biography published on Emansion, he is from the Kru ethnic group and hails from south-eastern Liberia, Grand Kru County. There is no available data to show that Weah is from Nimba.

As such, his statement that he is from Nimba is unproven.

3. Boakai was in the mansion when it got burned and now I have fixed it, he wants to go back

On July 26th, a fire on the fourth floor of Liberia’s Executive Mansion destroyed the offices of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The fire broke out during celebrations marking Liberia’s 159th independence anniversary—ceremonies that were attended by three West African presidents.

Arson was ruled out according to former minister of Information, Johnny McClain.

The Unity Party Joseph Boakai’s current major contender to Weah in the 2023 elections was the vice President of Johnson-Sirleaf during the fire at the Executive Mansion.

Verification: Firstly, we look at whether President Weah has relocated to the Executive Mansion, which is the official home of the presidency.

The Stage Media investigation established that many media reports are indicating that the president was expected to relocate to the mansion on February 14, 2022.

These media reports published here, here, and here, quoted the Minister of Information,  Ledgerhood Rennie, saying that Weah was officially going to begin work at the Executive Mansion.

Conclusion: It is a fact that Weah started work at the mansion; therefore, he has not moved in to live like previous presidents Charles Taylor, William R. Tolbert and William V.S. Tubman.

Also, Weah’s claim that Boakai was working in the Mansion is misleading. According to the 1986 Constitution, the Vice President is the president of the Senate; as such, s/he sits at the Senate wing of the Capital Building and not the executive mansion.


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