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Claim: The Liberia National Police has confirmed the shooting of a National Transit Authority Bus driver.

Source: Martin Kollie, social activist

Verdict: False, Medical doctor, Dr. Alvin Nah-Doe, Neurosurgeon at the JFK Hospital said the driver was not shot and was not in a critical condition.

Full Text:  Martin Kollie, a social activist, claimed on September 13, 2021, that National Transit Authority (NTA) driver Jessy Bartuah was shot in his head.

The vehicle escorted partisans and well-wishers of Mulbah Morlu, Chairman, Coalition for Democratic Change from the Roberts International Airport (RIA) to the party’s headquarters in Monrovia.

“Jessy Bartuah was one of the drivers of those assigned buses. The buses finally arrived at CDC Headquarters amid huge confusion/conflict between rivalled partisans. The struggle for control and cash stirred this conflict. 

“As the conflict intensified, someone in the crowd fired LIVE bullets and one of the bullets hit the head of NTA driver Jessy Bartuah. The Government, including LNP, has been begging the family of Bartuah not to release this info. It’s too late because I got it already.  

“They have been hiding this information from the Liberian people because the person who shot Bartuah is loyal to Min. Nathaniel McGill and Min. Samuel Tweah.”

“Jessy is currently being treated by Dr. Alvin Nah-Doe at the JFK Hospital. This is what Dr. Nah-Doe said to Bartuah’s family, “His condition is really critical. If he survives, he wouldn’t be okay in the head.” Someone MUST account for this reckless shooting. 

At the same time, Martin said that the Liberia National Police (LNP) confirmed the shooting and said it took place when CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu arrived on Sept. 13. “Truth crushed to the ground shall rise again. We demand JUSTICE for JESSY.”

In total, the four Facebook posts attracted over 1,692 reactions, 2353 comments and 1,760 shares from September 1315, 2021.

Screenshot of Martin’s PostThe post was also shared by Expose Liberia  Wow News Media  


According to Mulbah Morlu, CDC chairman on his Facebook page said the post was “lies” and there was no ‘Live bullet’ discharged at the CDC Headquarters, neither were there any internal disagreements, nor quarrels.

At the same time, the Liberia National Police spokesperson, Moses Carter in a communication to our reporter “I spoke to our officer assigned at JFK hospital and he informed me that Dr. Doe has not released any medical report, neither the JFK medical hospital confirming that the NTA driver was shot.”

When we reached out to Dr. Alvin Doe-Nah, Neurosurgeon, the post by Martin was far from true, “It was another fallacy, It was not bullet at all, the man is not in critical condition, I operated the man that Sunday and told him to drink and eat, now he is talking, If it was bullet the man was never going to survive.

We also contacted the driver Jessy Bartuah who said he cannot remember what hit his face but felt blood pulling down his face.

“I don’t know how I got hit, I did not see any object,  but I felt the blood running down my face when I put my hand there, there was a hole in my face.

Bartuah confirmed that there were pieces of rock found in the car after he was hit. “A piece of the glass was broken, and rocks were seen in the car after.

Verdict: False, The NTA driver was not shot but was thrown by a rock, according to Dr. Nah

Though Bartuah has been discharged from the facility; he has a medical visit on March 2022.


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