On November 3,  the Deputy Press Secretary, Smith Toby on Prime FM said President George Manneh Weah was scheduled to meet with US President  Joe Biden at the  COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

The COP26 is 2021,  United Nations Climate Change 26th Conference,6, is the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Toby said, “We can confirm to you that the President is scheduled to meet the President of the United States sometimes during today  so,  those are the kind of meetings and conversation that have started in Glasgow”

There are arguments in Liberia on whether there is a smooth relationship between the Biden-Harris administration with the Weah’s government.

Weah along with officials are currently attending the COP26 conference and on November 1, an image of Biden and Weah appeared on social media that went viral.

The day after the image appeared, Toby took to the airwaves with a claim that there was a scheduled meeting between the two presidents.

The Stage Media contacted the US Embassy in Monrovia and in response, Michael Ardaiolo, Deputy Public Affairs Office could not confirm or deny a meeting between the two presidents.

But said the United States and the European Union seeks many countries to join in committing to reducing methane globally as stated in a press briefing on November 2

“We hope that Liberia is one of the nearly 90 countries who committed to slashing emissions by 30% in the next decade, and we look forward to seeing their official pledge and the concrete steps they will take to achieve it,” said Ardaiolo.

Countries joining the Global Methane Pledge commit to a collective goal of reducing global methane emissions by at least 30 percent from 2020 levels by 2030 and moving towards using the best available inventory methodologies to quantify methane emissions, with a particular focus on high emission sources.

On a Twitter page “Clean Air Task Force” Liberia is listed as one of the countries that have committed itself to the Global Methane Pledge.

Commenting on the viral social image, Ardaiolo said  the photo shared on the Liberian Executive Mansion’s official Facebook page appears to be credible

“At COP26, the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Glasgow, there have been a number of large roundtables attended by world leaders.  It is reasonable that President Biden and President Weah would interact during such events.”

Image Credit: Clean Air Taskforce

With the above narration, it is safe to say that no meeting was scheduled between Presidents -Weah and -Biden as stated by the Deputy Press Secretary.


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