voter casting his ballot Image Source: Rita Jlogbe Doue

According to the National Elections Commission (NEC), voters will be required to produce voter registration cards to vote and must appear on the Final Registration Roll (FRR). 

The results of the 5,890 polling places across the country will be announced at the headquarters of the National Elections Commission (NEC).

At the close of voting, the votes cast at each polling place will be counted at the poll in the presence of parties’ agents and independent observers present.

The vote(s) cast for each candidate will be recorded on a five-page carbon-copy document known as the Record of the Count.

Parties’ agents will be asked to sign each Record of the Count for the presidential, senatorial, and representative elections. Being a carbon copy document, the information written on the original sheet will appear on the bottom four sheets. 

In the presence of the parties’ agents and observers, the original sheet of the count will be placed in a tamper-evident envelope. The second sheet will be placed in the ballot box; the ballot box will be sealed; and the serial numbers of the seals will be made known to the parties, candidates’ agents, and independent observers. 

The third sheet will be posted on the wall of the polling place for public viewing. The fourth sheet will be given to the representative of the candidate who obtained the highest votes, while the fifth sheet shall be given to the representative of the candidate who obtained the second-highest votes.

After counting at the various polling places, the sealed ballot boxes and the tamper-evidence envelopes will be sent under police protection to the NEC magisterial office for tallying and tabulation, scheduled to commence on October 11, 2023.

Parties\candidates’s agents and independent observers are present during the tallying. 

First, the original record of the count is taken from the temper-evidence envelope, and copies are made for everyone present. There Is a projector in the tally room to show the result being typed from the record of the count for all to see. 

When the results for each polling place have been tallied, the information is printed, and parties’ agents are asked to sign the tallied results, and copies of the signed results are distributed.

The saved results, which cannot be altered, are then sent from the magisterial office to the data center at the NEC’s headquarters, where the results sent from each county, in the case of the presidential election, are totalled and submitted to the Board of Commissioners for an announcement. 

The results announced by the board can be easily verified using the records of the count from the various polling places, along with the signed tally sheets that will be distributed to parties, candidates’ agents, and observers and posted for public viewing.


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