TSM Team with the head of Campaigner against Misinformation Tarlue Johnson (third from left)

You have clocked another 365 days with us as our dear readers.

We have learned to appreciate people who are always interested in our work. Knowing that you always hope to get a new article from us means a lot to the team at The Stage Media(TSM).

It puts us in the position to do more because we know that you eagerly await to hear from us; we are so grateful to you. 

Our dear readers, before we officially end this 2022 and usher into a new year, we desire to double our efforts and bring about innovations, especially where Liberians are expected to go to the polls to elect new leaders. 

We want to do investigative and human interest articles while committing to checking more claims by politicians and ordinary citizens to provide the public with balanced and factual information.

Dear readers, you mean a lot to us; HAPPY NEW YEAR from the TSM Family.


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