George Boutini

Claim: Veteran comedian, George Boutin is reported dead.

Verdict: Incorrect; Boutin is not dead but ill. 

Full Text: News broke about the death of a veteran Liberian comedian, George Boutini, on Tuesday, March 22, 2023.

Social media was flooded with people sending condolences to the family and friends of the ailing comedian. 

The Liberian Influence was among the many blogs about Boutini’s death. 

“Breaking: Veteran Comedian George Boutini has been reported dead per multiple sources. 

Boutini suffered a severe illness for a long time before his passing. Sending prayers to his friends and relatives. “Rest in peace, legend,” the post reads. 

Not only did The Liberian Influence post, but so did several other blogs and individuals, including Top LiberiaGeez, Hot Spot Gist, and Amb Gabriel Musu, posted about the death of Boutini.

Patrick Okai, one of those who worked with Boutini during the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) days, has been concerned about the health of his former colleague.

He posted on his Facebook page, seeking support for the ailing Boutini to seek medical attention.

Okai, Boutini, and other UNMIL radio, now ECOWAS Radio staff, planned disarmament awareness campaigns after the 2003 crisis that brought forth UNMIL presence in Liberia.

As a member of the community outreach of UNMIL, he advocated the anti-rape campaigns to disabuse citizens’ minds. 

Verification: verifying the news of the death of the Liberian comedian George Boutini, TSM reached out to friends of Boutini.

Chris Wolo, a former workmate of Boutini, told TSM that “he is not dead.”

Also, Angel Michael, who is also a comedian, posted on his page debunking Boutini’s death.

Before Boutini’s illness, he worked with Bana FM., whose station manager said the claim was incorrect. 

Abraham Sollie confirmed to TSM that Boutini is ill but not dead.

Conclusion: According to our research, it is safe to say that despite Boutini’s illness, he is not dead, as claimed.


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