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India- The Stage Media Liberia (TSM) has gathered that the Liberian lady allegedly raped in India by another Liberian has abandoned her studies and returned home.

After being ‘abused’ by her agent, the student reportedly returned to Liberia for fear of being stigmatized by other students in the Liberian community. 

The female student was reportedly raped by a Ministry of Finance employee who, too, is a student in India, identified as Carlos Dahn.

Dahn, who is reportedly an agent of the “abused” student, is currently in prison in Punjab, India, awaiting the full case hearing.

The TSM-Liberia investigation confirms that the student left India on February 26, 2023, because she could not continue her study due to the alleged incident.

According to sources, there were few hearings at the police station, and the survivor’s statement was recorded before she left for Liberia.

Because rape is a state crime, the survivor may be required to testify visually in the ongoing trial.

“A man who cannot control his sexual feelings action has caused a young woman who left her country for studies purposes to return home without pursuing her dream; rape should not be encouraged in any society,” a student told TSM-Liberia.

However, in a leaked audio recording in possession of TSM-Liberia, the survivor is heard saying, “He and his wife guarantee that they were going to take good care of me, so my father trusted me to them.”

“My father even used to tell him (Carlos) that since he (my father) is not in India, he (Carlos) is my second father. He and my father used to talk all the time while my mother was talking to the wife.” 

“Before picking me up from the university, where I had been admitted, Carlos told my father that he had found my apartment, which cost 5000 Indian rupees [60.50 US dollars] monthly. 

The survivor stated that her father agreed, prompting her to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the school she was attending and leave with the couple.

“We went to the Chandigarh University Campus, and the international director told us that before I could start school, I should pay US$600 to learn English for six months,” she explained. 

“The International director informed us that classes were going to start in August 2023. I never had a problem with the decision, so Carlos called my father, who told him that he never had money but they should take me to the apartment that they have booked.”

She was shocked when they encountered the landlord after leaving the school and learned that the apartment had already been given out because Carlos’ friend had not made a reservation. As a result, she consented to stay at the perpetrator’s home while they looked for another option.

“After spending the night at their house, he and his wife called me into an office they had set up in their home and informed me that I did not need to pay US$600 for a six-month English course.”

“They told me to wait until school reopened, and they would get me a spot at the same university they both attend, the Gulzar Group of Institutions (GGP),” she said.

“With that, because I am taking the same course as his wife, they will give me the syllabus and she will tutor me until school starts,” she said in the audio.

The survivor said she used to sleep in the room while Carlos and his wife shared one of the two mattresses in the living room because they could not find her a place in time.

“When he expressed interest in having a relationship with me, and I refused, he got angry and went to sleep in the room that night. 

“His wife told him to leave the room so I could go to bed, but he refused, so I told her to let me sleep in the living room,” she narrated.  

The survivor explained, “The following day, his wife had a test to write, so he drove her to the campus and called me to inform me that he had found my place. I did not know he was on his way to the house while on the phone with me.  

She explained that she heard the doorbell ring, and upon noticing it was Carlos, she told him the door was not locked.

She said when Carlos entered the house; he said, “I came back because of you, so what do you think about what I told you?” 

I told him I could not love him because I considered his wife my sister. 

“He started approaching me, and when I threatened to call his wife on my phone, he took my phone, threw it under the chair, and raped me,” she said.

She stated that when his wife arrived, she could not explain the story because “I did not know her reaction to things, so I called my pastor in Liberia and explained the situation.”

The case of Carlos is the second international rape saga.

Police in Busan, South Korea, detained and charged two Liberian Maritime employees with “two-person joint rape.”

On the night of September 22, Moses Owen Browne, Liberia’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in the United Kingdom, and Daniel Tarr, Director of the LiMA’s Department of Marine Environmental Protection, were detained.

Whether the Liberian government will inquire from the two countries (South Korea and India) about those Liberians arrested for ‘rape.’

Hannah N. Geterminah,[email protected]


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