Screenshot of Fake Facebook Page

Full Text: A Facebook page with the name Katumu Y. Boakai has  claimed, “The invincible Sports park need maintenance, so pay 300LD to enter what is the problem.” 

The page claim has attracted 336 comments, 74 shares, and 412 reactions as of this check.

Kartumu Y. Boakai is the wife of President Joseph Boakai; therefore, she is the current first lady, replacing Madam Clar Weah, wife of ex-president George Weah.

Former President George M. Weah constructed the Invincible Park in February 2021 to honor the Invincible Eleven, the local football club that tossed his football career.

The Invincible Sports Park was initiated to replace the famous Invincible Eleven Majesty Sports Club, known as I.E. Practice Ground, near the James Payne Spriggs Field, Airfield Sinkor, as a way of developing the nation through sports.

His decision, however, came under heavy criticism due to its proximity to the airport. Before the park’s construction, the open field served as a ground for open defecation. It was desecrated with feces.

Verification: The Stage Media contacted the Facebook page but did not respond. We also contacted the office of the First Lady, Arthur Douglas, Communication Director, who said “the page is fake.”

“Thank you for reaching out to the Office of the First Lady of the Republic of Liberia to fact-check the Facebook page named “Katumu Y. Boakai,” which is being circulated as the First Lady’s page.”

Douglas said the First Lady Kartumu Yarta Boakai does not have any Facebook account, whether private or official, with such a name, as such,  the account is fake. 

He said the official Facebook account of the First Lady is named “Office of the First Lady, Republic of Liberia. It has her official portrait as its profile photo, with a picture of her seated behind her desk as the cover photo.

TSM also saw a media advisory published by the office of the First Lady.

The page also misspelled the first lady’s name; it has Katumu instead of Kartumu.

Conclusion: Although ‘Katumu Y. Boakai’s page’ has 5.1K followers and the official First Lady’s page has 274 followers, it is fair to say that ‘Katumu Boakai’s account’ does not belong to the First Lady. Beware, the page with the name ‘Katumu Y. Boakai’ is fake. As a result, the information posted on the page is false and intended to mislead readers.


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