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Full Text: A social media user on Facebook claims that Amos Tweh, Director of Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation (LPRC), constructed a mansion in 2 months.

This is the claim: “Exposed! Amos Tweh, Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Company (LPRC), has bought a mansion for himself in less than 2 months in public office. Where are they taking the money from? Those brokers of 12 years old are turning into millionaires in less than 2 months and buying properties with our taxpayer’s money. Looters are in power. They came to kill and loot. The republic is in trouble.

President Joseph Nyuma Boakai appointed Tweh on January 26, 2024, to head the LPRC. The LPRC is a public entity, wholly owned by the Government of Liberia (GOL), with the mandate to procure and supply petroleum and petroleum products to the Liberian market.

The social media user post attracted 41 shares, 127 comments, and 35 reactions.

The post is also seen here by Lib Latest News and Shine Liberia, which attracted over 1K reactions, 1.1K comments, and 85 shares.

Verification:  The Stage Media contacted the social media user to verify the claim but he declined to respond to the inquiry.

In a rebuttal on Facebook, Tweh said that in 2013, he acquired 1.9 lots of land in Caldwell to build a residential area.

“I mobilized my meager resources and started the project in 2014. I partially completed the ground floor and moved in around 2019. I have been living here for almost 5 years now.”

Tweh said the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has a record of him paying real estate tax for the last few years on this property.

Eugene Dee, a real estate expert, says it is impossible to build a house of such nature within two months.

“I don’t think the home can be built in two months and from the zinc, it shows that the home has been built long before.

On the appraisal of the property, Dee said he could not appraise the property from a Facebook view; he would rather have an interior and exterior view.

Conclusion: The residence of LPRC Director Tweh was not built in two months, and the real estate expert refused to appraise the property, so there is no record that it is worth US$120K or US$150K.


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