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Spoon FM panelist, Ambulah Mamey was right when he said that since the General Auditing Commission was established in 2014, the entity has not been audited.

“The GAC that is responsible for conducting audits should be audited every year since 2005; to date, there is no publicly available record that the GAC is being audited.”

The claim is between one hour, twenty-six seconds, and thirty-eight minutes to one hour, twenty-seven minutes.

Although Mamey consented, the GAC has audited its financial statements; the institution has never undergone a compliance or performance audit.

The Stage Media fact-checked and concluded that Mamey was wrong because we did not contact him to understand what exactly his claim was. However, a further check has revealed that the conclusion is faulty. (

This new revelation indicates that Mamey was right that a financial audit is not an audit to establish if someone stole money intended for something or violated the Public Procurement Concession Commission’s (PPCC) regulations.

“When you talk about fighting fraud, waste, and abuse in public service,  everyone knowledgeable about audits knows that the kinds of audits we use to determine and fight those are compliance and performance audits,  not financial statement audits,” he told The Stage Media.


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