By: Trokon Wrepue

[email protected]

Claim: My name is Jeremiah Koung. When I was campaigning, your campaign and say Koung is not a Nimba man but the Nimba people didn’t listen to you. On all divide, in Honorable Younquoi’s district, the tribal politics was preached. I won about three thousand plus votes there. So you can’t keep doing this honourable Younquoi, you got to stop.

Source: OK FM Morning Rush with Host Clarence Jackson

Factcheck: According to the National Elections Commission 2020 Senatorial Election Result in Nimba County District No. 8, Senator-elect Jeremiah Koung obtained 2,984 votes constituting 23.19% out of the 12,866 registered voters in the district contrary to his claim of receiving over 3,000 votes.

Verdict: False


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