Liberians across the country gathered at the polls today, November 14, 2023, to elect a president and vice president who will lead the country for the next six years.

The runoff election is the result of none of the twenty presidential candidates receiving an absolute majority, which constitutes 50 per cent plus one of the overall valid votes cast.

Therefore, the runoff election is held between the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), headed by George M. Weah, and the Major Opposition Unity (UP) headed by Joseph N. Boakai.

Those candidates were the top two in the just-ended October 10, 2023, elections; CDC obtained 43.83 per cent of the vote while Boakai had 43.44 per cent. 

As the elections are ongoing, there is an inflow of claims made by Martin K. N. Kollie, a supporter of the opposition UP. To provide credible information to the public, The Stage Media (TSM) conducted a check into some of the claims we came across.

Kollie posted that popular talk show host Henry P. Costa, who is currently supporting Weah in the November 14, 2023, runoff election, has deleted his last video posted against Boakai, the Unity Party political leader.

Claim 1: The co-host of The Costa Show, Boakai Amara Kamara, just resigned. Everyone can just leave him. The con is a narcissist and a self-seeking bigot. The buka has deleted his last “bombshell” that turned him into a comedian. Why delete?

Costa supported Boakai for about five years cut-off tie. Since then, he has issued a series of videos meant to expose why Liberians should not vote for Boakai.

Verdict: TSM Visited Costa’s page and discovered that the video was deleted. The only video that was seen on the talk-show host’s page are some campaign videos and his last “bombshell” which was seen on November 6, 2023.

After our research, we discovered that the claim is True

Claim 2: The NEC workers at St. Paul Lutheran campus in Kakata, Center Code 24113, tell voters they forgot about The FRR. So, they should write down their names and vote. The voters are resisting. Voting hasn’t begun yet. Please share this with NEC. Our team on the ground needs to move in now and take charge of this matter. It is essential.

TSM called Yawah Y. Jaivey, a Journalist in Margibi Country who said the issue was true but there was a mistake. According to him, the centre FRR was mistaken for another centre but the issue was put under control.

Journalist Jaivey referred TSM to a local Page called Nana Nana to watch the full video but our reporter could not find the video as recommended.

Verdict: TSM could not independently verify Kollie’s claim, but as stated by Jaivey the claim is partly True.  

Claim 3: This is Aisha M. Bility. Aisha works for NEC. She is a diehard CDCian. Even on duty, she is posting #2 which suggests “vote GMW”. Aisha needs to be removed now!!

Kollie requested the attention of the U.S. Embassy near Monrovia, the United Nations, the European Union in Liberia, the African Union, and Ecowas-Cedeao who are international observers.

TSM checked Aisha’s Facebook page and discovered that it is true that she is a supporter of the ruling CDC. She has posted campaign activities including rallies in favor of George Weah.

Verdict: The claim that The National Elections Commission (NEC) hired a CDCian to work as polling staff is true.

Claim 4: This is Jackquline J-lo Jackson. Jacqueline works for NEC. She is a diehard CDCian. She was at the CDC rally on Sunday. Please check her page. Jacqueline needs to be removed. NEC Liberia must act now!! Our team on the ground needs to take note of these blatant violations and frauds as we expose them. Everyone needs to be vigilant and attentive.

TSM also checked Jackquiline’s Facebook page and established that she is a supporter of the CDC. Jackquline’s cover photo is the CDC ballot paper symbol number #2 symbol with both the president’s and vice president’s images, the party’s colour and logo.

Verdict: The claim that NEC’s staff, Jackquline is a CDCian is also True.

Both Aisha and Jackquline deleted the images posted by them at their respective polling places on Nov 14, 2023.


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