An early morning assessment found that low voter turnover exists in many precincts across Liberia. In the election’s first round on October 10, 2023, at 6:00 a.m., the various precincts were already crowded with voters as compared to November 14.

All 20 candidates failed to receive the fifty-plus-one valid votes needed to qualify for the presidential runoff election, as stipulated by Liberia’s constitution.

There are 2,471,617 people registered to vote in these elections; however, the first round of voting last month revealed a tie: Weah received 43.83% of the total, while Boakai received 43.44%.

The Liberian constitution states in Article 83(b) that “all elections of public officers shall be determined by an absolute majority of the votes cast.”

If no candidate receives an absolute majority on the first On November 13, 2023, some of the places visited included St. Peter Lutheran High School in District Nine Montserrado County, Calvary Baptist High School in District Nine Montserrado County, R.C. Lawson High School in District Ten Montserrado County, John P. Mitchell Elem and Jr. High School, Boy’s Town in District One Margibi County, St. Matthew Lutheran Church in District Three, Paynesville Community School, and the Brighter Day Preparatory School System.

Some attribute the low turnout to voter trucking and voter complacency, while others attribute it to their chosen candidate not being on the runoff ballot.


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