Following the Executive Mansion statement recently about President George M. Weah leaving for London to attend the coronation of King Charles lll, at the invitation of the government of the United Kingdom, mounting concerns have flooded social media that President Weah was not invited to the ceremony. 

One of those concerns were seen on the Facebook page of   Moriah Yeakula, the Chief of Staff to presidential aspirant Alexander Cummings. 

In  Yeakula’s May 3, 2023, Facebook post, she questioned the media for reporting that President Weah took a delegation to the United Kingdom (UK) when “he isn’t on the list of confirmed guests of Africa and World leaders.”

Another was also seen emanating from Broadcast Journalist, James Flomo, reporter, Spoon Network, questioning the authenticity of the Facebook account of the British Embassy in Monrovia, and why they did not publish President Weah’s Invitation letter, along with the link of the list of invited leaders several days back.

Screenshot of Madam Moriah’s Facebook post 

The coronation is a religious occasion steeped in centuries-old tradition to install a new monarch in the UK. This year’s coronation is the first coronation to take place in 70 years.

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, King Charles lll will be crowned alongside Camilla, the Queen Consort, at Westminster Abbey in London.

“More than 2,200 people, including foreign delegations from 203 countries and about 100 heads of state, have confirmed their attendance for the May 6 coronation service at Westminster Abbey,” according to The Washington Post.

Is Liberia’s President, George Weah among those invited guests? The Stage Media checks.

On Wednesday, May 3 2023, the British Embassy in Monrovia made a statement on its official Facebook and Twitter pages that, “the British Embassy is delighted that His Excellency Dr George Weah has accepted the official invitation to attend the coronation of His Majesty King Charles lll and Her Majesty The Queen Consort at Westminster Abbey on 6 May 2023.”

But many have still been questioning the statement, saying it does not show proof (s) of the president being invited, even though the Information Ministry had also made public, photos and videos that show the president’s arrival in London and a departure for a reception on the eve of the coronation.

TSM contacted Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Smith Toby on Saturday, May 6, 2022, through a WhatsApp message to speak to the growing public speculations that President George Weah was not invited and make available a copy of the president’s official invitation or a link to the list of leaders who were officially invited, that embeds President Weah’s name.

Screenshot of the WhatsApp message 

In response to our message, Toby called TSM via WhatsApp stating, “You have got a response from the embassy stating the president was invited. What else do you want us to present to you?”

When asked if making public the president’s invitation and the link to the president’s name on the list of invited leaders was a security threat to the president, for which they could not be made public, Toby stated, “it is not possible for us to make a copy of the president’s official invitation public.”

“How can we make public the president’s invitation? Sorry, but you have to take it as it is. The British Embassy in Monrovia has already posted. Take it as it is,” he furthered.

However, some are saying President George Weah wasted thousands of US dollars to go to London when he could have sent a proxy, since it is a coronation.

While others believe the president’s departure is important because it may result to foreign engagements and partnerships on some developmental programs.


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